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Huge Discovery Links Nitrogen and Pancreatic Cancer: A New Treatment on the Horizon?

Aug 18, 2017
News Staff

Nitrogen is a natural byproduct of cells when proteins are broken down. 

(Boston, MA) — Pancreatic cancer is now the third leading cause of cancer mortality. Its incidence is increasing in parallel with the population increase in obesity, and its five-year survival rate still hovers at just 8 to 9 percent. Research led by Nada Kalaany, PhD, at Boston Children's Hospital and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, now suggests a novel approach to treating this deadly cancer: targeting an enzyme that tumors use to get rid of nitrogen. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The study, published online today in Nature Communications, provides evidence that targeting the enzyme arginase 2 (ARG2) can curb the growth of pancreatic tumors, especially in people who are obese...


Toxic Copper Mugs: Your Moscow Mule May Be Poisoning You

Aug 18, 2017
Dr. Josh Axe

Some researchers now believe excess copper may even be a surprising cause of dementia. So if you have copper water pipes in your home, you may want to get your water tested for copper…

[Food is Medicine] The Moscow mule — an alcohol beverage that includes vodka, ginger beer and lime — is surging in popularity over recent years. Why? The trendy, picture-worthy, signature copper mug this drink is served in seems to contribute greatly to the intrigue among younger generations. Unfortunately, however, a recent advisory bulletin from the Alcoholic Beverages Division of Iowa warns that these popular mugs aren’t only Instagram ready; they’re likely toxic copper mugs. (Photo Credit: Dr...


How Spiders — Yes, SPIDERS — Are Battling Superbugs and Cancer

Aug 18, 2017
News Staff

It’s part of the desperate continuing search to solve antibiotic resistance and cure cancer.

(Washington, DC) — As antibiotic resistance rises and fears over superbugs grow, scientists are looking for new treatment options. One area of focus is antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), which could someday be an alternative to currently prescribed antibiotics, many of which are becoming increasingly useless against some bacteria. Now, a team reports in ACS Chemical Biology that they have improved the antimicrobial — and anticancer — properties of an AMP from a spider...


Israelis Helping to Conquer Cancer with This Simple Drug Cocktail

Aug 17, 2017
Brian Blum

Prof. Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu of Tel Aviv University’s School of Psychological Sciences and the Sagol School of Neuroscience says that his colleagues were shocked by the results.

[] Following surgery to remove cancerous growths and tumors, conventional medical practice has been to refrain from any additional intervention for a period of several weeks before and after the surgery. That means no chemotherapy, radiation or immune therapy. (Photo Credit: Fabio Berti/ via

New research from Israel says that may be a fatal mistake.

Most cancer-related deaths are actually the result of “post-surgical metastatic recurrence,” where cells of the main cancerous tumor that was presumably removed travel to other parts of the body where, undetected, they can proliferate into inoperable and ultimately deadly new growths...


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